Proof Case Study

Now that you’ve learned about our ways, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty. In the video case study below, you’ll see how Noble Digital created a multi-channel video for into a customer acquisition tool that has outperformed in it’s category for 18 months straight. They grew to $100 million up to that point and the video has been recently turned on again.

Noble Digital Case study on

The Challenge (0:00)

Analysis (0:27)

Solution (0:49)

The Results (1:25)

Outperforming Biggest Competitor (2:14)

Growing to $100k in Revenue (2:30)


Coca Cola Messaging and VIDEO Creative

Coca-Cola had a general commercial concept on how young adults enjoy Coke at home. But there was a problem with how their initial approach would connect to their audience.  An overwhelming majority of their target did not live in, or even own homes. So their intended message was off, and it was clear that the current script simply would not resonate with millennials.

With the deadline for the completed video only 14 days away, expert producer, director Allen Martinez, founder of Noble Digital, was brought in to revise the story line and create a new direction that was more in sync with this generation.

It served Coca-Cola's marketing agenda for several quarters.  Martinez had taken a situation from red alert to green light. In a very fast turn over, he delivered an impactful video that served as a highly beneficial promotion tool for one of the largest brands on the planet.