Organic Search Marketing can get a Lift from Paid Ads

How Paid Ads Help Your Organic Search Marketing

Earmarking a portion of the marketing budget for paid ads might seem like a simple play to buy eyes, but there’s a lot more to it. Effective advertising does more than gain exposure, it can generate interest through many channels, including organic sources like SEO. Organic search marketing is the word-of-mouth advertising of today, but you can’t depend on one source for leads.

Organic Costs Less in the Long Term

According to a recent Nielsen study, 84 percent of consumers put word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family as one of the most important trust indicators on a purchase. That means 4 out of 5 buyers ask for a referral before buying, making organic search marketing and social media marketing some of the best ways to reach real buyers. Generating buzz about your product is a necessity, and organic search marketing is one of the tried and true ways to do so. Ads are another.


Paid Ads in the Organic SEO Equation

When building an online reputation or working your way to the top of the search engine results page for a specific keyword, paid search can help. It takes time to create, publish and market solid online copy for organic search. And even longer for them to BEGIN ranking…. like 9-18 months for competitive keywords. Paid ads are the shortcut. With paid ads, you instantly get the audience and can help build market share. You can work with niche websites that might offer a shout out to your company or even share content with established influencers. As long as you disclose the advertising relationship, the opportunities are endless. Organic search marketing should be part of your total marketing campaign but not the only method you use to generate traffic.

Blending Paid and Organic for Best Results

Paying for space is one way to start your sales funnel off with a bang, but it can also lead directly to organic search development by pointing to excellent content. An ad can elevate brand value when it is part of a larger organic search marketing campaign.  Learn more about how to leverage your paid search for organic search marketing results with Noble Digital. We can help you get maximum value out of every post.