[VIDEO] Media Spend is only Part of the Equation

TRANSCRIPT (SUMMARY) : In this video, I will clear up a lot of the confusion around media spend and integrating all the marketing elements needed to support your media spend.

Many companies believe that their media spend covers everything they need for marketing, but really it’s more of a starting point.

So you have to think of your investment this way. If your car is your entire advertising campaign, think of your website as your engine. But it goes nowhere without gas and that is your media spend. The media spend is not much more than what gas is to a car. And as you already know, you need a lot more than just gas to get your car to perform well.

Your wheels are the creative assets. That’s what moves the vehicle. These are things such as your messaging, your creative videos, social posts, PR, and of course you can use cheaper wheels– (and I’m talking about fiver gigs here–) but at the expense of cheapening your brand’s image and losing trust with your audience.

So when Noble Digital’s thinking about your investment for any digital marketing campaign, we like to make sure that your allocating across all these different areas as easily as possible.

So if you don’t know where to start that’s OK. Noble Digital can create a strategy from scratch with all your shareholders involved so that we can get consensus and get everyone signing off very quickly.

Digital marketing can get very complex. So thanks for taking a little time to understand our process better.

And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us. We would love to chat with you.

Noble Digital is a creative-performance partner that helps growth companies translate their vision into an integrated marketing strategy that performs.

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