Why hiring a “Media” company won’t help your marketing

Marketing is strategic. It involves a high-level understanding of your entire sales funnel. Marketing is about more than just the content you promote; it’s about the value of each piece, how it fits into an overarching campaign and how it reaches the customer. New ad tech pushed by media companies gives you the ability to put your content in front of the right audience but not always in the right way or with the right message for that touchpoint. Media planning strategies that only talk about “tech” miss the importance of the creative element as well as the intent of the customer in that phase of their journey.

CREATIVE VS. MEDIA Media companies don’t do brand strategy or creative. They develop your media strategies and give you what you ask for. Media companies follow your instructions. You want to hit 35-year-old yoga moms? No problem–media companies can do that. They deliver directly to that niche and they do it well. These companies are in the business of selling reach. They don’t stop to see IF you should be reaching out to yoga moms. And if your messaging is resonating to begin with. Viewing your marketing strategy presence with a critical eye is a very different story. They often don’t take ownership of messaging, positioning or creative approaches, and unfortunately, many media planning strategies focus on being “seen” versus “performance”.

And you wonder why you’re not getting response?

Much like putting an engine on a glider that is already airborne, the media “engine” is merely keeping it up in the air longer, but if the glider was never aeronautically (strategically) designed to begin with? Then an engine won’t help the glider go far… in the same respect, your brand won’t scale on media alone… not without strategic messaging.

Both Google and Facebook confirmed that 80% of your marketing performance comes from your message… and not tech or placement.

Good media planning strategies don’t rely on tech for the creative portion of the marketing brief. Instead of relying on interruption strategies, good marketing relies on a creative approach. For example, consider the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge:

Educated. The whole point of the icy drench was to mimic the feeling of living with ALS, building empathy.
Engaged. This marketing idea asked for money or a response. Using viral marketing strategies, this challenge worked in the same way that chain letters do, by asking participants to spread the message.
Closed. By using peer pressure in a positive way, this challenge brought in more than $100 million.

The best media planning strategies use a variety of avenues to deliver content. This short video will go into a high view of how all components work together with your media to work.

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