Enhancing the Valuation of Your Enterprise with
Digital Commercials

Sometimes it can be tricky to put a price tag on a product offering the “promise” of future success. As you know, forecasting the valuation of an enterprise is probably the most important estimate that’s made about any growth company; the decision affects future cash flow, with implications for every aspect of your venture.

So while the marketplace uses hard objective data to make or break a corporation’s valuation by predicting what peak sales will be, it’s important to counter this statistic by having a subjective marketing tool in your arsenal, one that you can implement immediately in order to sway this public opinion in your favor.

The solution…video marketing campaigns.

Video helps you stand out from the data storm of fact sheets during your progression from viable product to actual product. This is because video can clarify complex concepts and build emotional ties by identifying human connections and emotional values that your “tribe” already subscribes to, further guiding them towards subscribing to your vision.

But we’re not talking about an “explanation video” sitting on your website. You need a video that DRIVES traffic TO your website — that makes someone in Ohio (who a moment ago knew nothing about you) suddenly crave you! We’re suggesting using video as a tool for customer discovery, customer development and controlled experiments to locate new customer segments and ancillary markets that you didn’t even realize you had!

Sound interesting?

  • As you may or may not know:
  • Videos are more memorable, persuasive and effective than banner/static and text-based advertising
  • Video’s share of the advertising voice is growing now that we spend more time on mobile and tablet devices
  • Video helps create emotional bonds between brands and their customers
  • Video gives you real-time, usable consumer behavior insights – not passive impression data – to help all of your
  • marketing activities be more relevant and actionable
  • Video is more affordable than you think!

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