Enhance The Valuation Of Your Organization with Video Marketing

The valuation of an organization is typically determined by a specific formula, based on sales, brand viability, and the “promise” of future success. While those that create valuations have objective characteristics that factor heavily on the final valuation amount, there are also subjective characteristics that impact it as well. It is important to understand the value of your brand today vs. the value of your brand with future customers and peak sales.

Understanding the implications of this value on every aspect of your organization’s health and wellbeing, is critical when looking at the total value of an organization. Maintaining a carefully crafted arsenal of marketing tools available, which counters the objective statistical implications on an organization, is mission critical to effectively increasing your valuation. While there are many options available today, digital video campaigns offer a real time opportunity to understand the impact of your brand on the marketplace, and successfully document its impact on your organization.

Organizations are very much living, breathing beings. They transition from smaller organizations to mid-size ones; from mid-size ones into massive organizations. New opportunities and an increase in data come with each growth spurt. It is critical for organizations to understand, not only their products, but the humanistic characteristics of those that purchase them.

Digital video marketing campaigns enable marketing teams to learn more about their customers, grow with their markets, and plan for necessary changes in real time. Digital marketing campaigns of this type are not the traditional explanation videos, ever-present on websites that explain products and are akin to user manuals.

Nowadays, the digital marketing campaigns being implemented by highly successful organizations enable management to plan, develop, coordinate, and launch products based on specific customer preferences. They are targeted with needle-like precision, and drive traffic to your website and/or storefront to engender positive feelings from future customers. Suddenly, through the visualization and focus on a digital marketing message, someone that never knew an organization existed, will not only become invested in a product/organization emotionally, but also believe that they need this to improve their quality of life.

This is all about using video messaging as a tool for customer discovery, customer development, and utilizing controlled expertise to locate new vertical markets you may have never been aware of. This knowledge helps marketing and product managers target their future products to ensure successful launches in a timely fashion.

Another positive about utilizing is digital marketing campaigns is that they themselves are living, breathing organisms. They can be tailored for individual market segments and adjusted on a case-by-case basis. This provides a richer means of reaching customers, as well as much-needed information from those that an organization values. These are not banner ads; they are humanistic, video messages, accessible to everyone in your target market segment. They don’t require a significant customer time investment, however the emotional investment created by them is worth its weight in gold.

Videos reach more people, especially now that digital devices abound at every turn. They engage the audience and, like a great movie, leave the audience wanting more; in this case, your product. Videos are timely. They make excellent use of time while enabling viewers to connect over and over again. Their shelf life is significantly longer than most ads and they impact our brain in a different manner than traditional advertising.

Finally, digital video advertising is significantly more affordable than many believe. Companies measuring the value of advertising across traditional mediums (television, print, online) have found that digital video advertising has a higher impact per person than other mediums and cements a much more emotional attachment to a brand.

In other words, digital marketing campaigns are successful, cost-effective tools which not only enable organization to effectively reach entire markets, but also specifically target sub-markets within them. They engender good faith and create emotion; and most of all, they are successful and teach us how to steer our organizations effectively toward the future, which helps increase your valuation in the meantime.