The Data Matrix Appraisal

Great insights lead to great solutions.
We have created a simple, low-cost solution that is your first step to success. Success stories with F500, mid tiers and funded startups.


Here are a few companies THAT used OUR Data Matrix APPRAISAL to achieve outstanding performance results.


"The Data Matrix Appraisal identified major and minor gaps to help increase revenue opportunities. – Noble broke down our funnel flow in great detail to pinpoint how much deeper we could take things."

Nicole – Marketing Manager
Shift4 payments

"It’s hard to find good talent Like NOble that understands how the entire puzzle fits together, especially in today’s non-static world where everything is constantly evolving."

Afif – CEO
Venture-Funded E-commerce Brand

"THE Data Matrix Appraisal optimizeD the efficacy of OUR campaign. These changes IMMEDIATELY resulted in significant, increased conversions."

Colleen – Marketing & Operations 
Mutual of Omaha


Still wondering? Never stop wondering.

What exactly will I get?

You will get quantitative and qualitative analysis on your marketing data and assets to reveal marketing/sales opportunities in a prioritized fashion. From immediate “low-hanging fruit” considerations, to deeper opportunities that could be addressed a year + out. This analysis becomes the start of a roadmap.

The results typically arrive within 30 days or less… but we aim to deliver within 14 days when ever possible. It depends on our backlog. If timing is a concern, just let us know when you pay so we can prioritize your order. The deadline for delivery starts once we have access to all platforms to analyze.

What Makes Noble Digital an Expert at this?

Because we have used the Data Matrix to helped a Sharktank get to $100M in revenue in 18 months… to design an entire e-commerce brand to launch, selling out of inventory 3x in opening weeks.  The Data Matrix also helped a F500 get a 20x increase on paid traffic flow… and we’ve even used this product to align a B2B sales and marketing team so we could help them re-position their brand.  Google even tweeted Noble Digital’s recent article covering our process on using data to get performance. Click here to read.

Do I need to be Enterprise level to have the enterprise package?

No.  The larger the engagement you pay for, the deeper we can dig in and find more opportunities. Just make sure you have some data (substantial traffic/statistical depth/relevant competitors) to analyze across various platforms. Qualitative surveys are important too but a sales team sharing detailed customer stories can also substitute for surveys.

What do you need from me to start?

View-only access to Google Analytics is mandatory and quite often has a lot of answers on it’s own.  Additional (optional) sources are view-only access to Google Ads and all social platforms that are currently running paid spend or have in the past.  If you are enterprise than also including a view-only access of your programmatic plus access to recent customer surveys are always very helpful.

How Do I Know it Will Work?

If you are capturing data (quantitative and qualitative) but you’re not 100% clear on how to increase performance, you will definitely have clarity by the end of this engagement. Data reports can tell you WHAT is happening to some degree… but rarely tell you HOW to actually address the problem on a deep, actionable level, unless it’s a simple, lever-pulling issue… which has little to do with addressing more critical elements such as: content/message or flow, brand perception, customer retention, product lines, etc.

How does your product help Content Managers?

We are a content-agency at heart with a focus on integration.  We use data insights to design sales funnel strategies that perform.  If you need help beyond the Data Matrix, Noble Digital is able to use those findings to produce new creative resources to use across all your marketing channels.  It could be a chat-bot sequence to help convert customers faster on FB messenger, it could be a sales script to help sales openers successfully pass over to closers.  

What makes you different from any other analytics company?

We are a production-agency… we actually build solutions based on data.  Data analyzers don’t. We often find that analytic recommendations are missing actionable steps… and this makes all the difference between success and failure.  For example, analytics may say your best audience is: “M 18-24 Non-Parent HHI 50k+” – This is hardly enough information to build a solution that will perform against an identified audience.  A plan needs to go much deeper than quantitative reporting to get to the bottom of things. Your actual content is 80% of what will make your media perform… while lever-pulling(media) is the other 20%… assuming you have the best media partner possible, it’s still only 20%. Noble focuses on the 80% + the 20% for full optimization.

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