Review Inc Rebrand and Website Redesign


Review Inc is B2B online reputation management platform for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great tool that allows companies to keep track of customer feedback and make informed decisions to improve their customer service and overall reputation.

But, the website’s UI/UX design and branding wasn’t converting visitors into as many leads and customers as it could have.

Design Solution

That’s where Noble Digital comes in. Your branding is the most important part of user experience. When you get that right, everything else will come together. We put our Data Matrix to work and did a deep dive into the industry and competitors. This helped us position Review Inc better, and develop new messaging that really made them stand out with a fresh, modern look and feel. We also used tools like Figma to make implementing our website redesign and branding super easy.

Sales Deck




Website Redesign

The focus was on enhancing the UX flow to capture lead generation more immediately from the start and getting to the point faster. 

Best practices for website design in lead generation, such as using a visually appealing design, ensuring good UX design, optimizing landing pages, and using strong CTAs, were followed.

The importance of customer experience (UX) was emphasized, with a focus on improving the prospect’s experience by listening to customer feedback, writing in clear and conversational language, and eliminating distractions



By implementing these strategies, ReviewInc was able to improve their UX flow, capture lead generation more effectively, and create a website that engaged visitors from the start.

The streamlined user journey, combined with a compelling brand message and visually appealing design, contributed to the success of the campaign and helped ReviewInc stand out in their industry.

Learn more about our “Brand-Response” strategy.

Business Results

A 40% increase in leads and a 40% increase in venture capital and equity firms reaching out to Review Inc.

It’s a no-brainer, rebranding and redesigning your website can have a huge impact on your digital marketing efforts and UI and UX design.

“We saw an increase in terms of leads. Additionally, we also noticed a 40% increase in venture capital (VC) and more private equity firms emailing us.”

Ron Laughton

CEO, ReviewInc

Learn more about our “Brand-Response” strategy.