New Balance

New Balance Explores a new Position for Legacy Line


The rich history of the shoeline gave Noble ample fodder to work with, but their data gave us a clue on how to make an audience-centric message that would perform. Starting with our Data Matrix Appraisal helped Noble identify three specific directions that captured their audiences’ desires and trends.

Despite being loved by older generations, we noticed that younger audiences were bigger fans of PF and converting at double the rate. With competitors like Vans and Converse dominating the space, Noble decided to go deep into PFs history to pull out true differentiators that made them unique.


The new directions we created were based around various degrees of shift New Balance could move into, varying from: incremental, substantial and transformational points of view – in terms of level of edginess and impact that each campaign direction could produce. Noble Digital left nothing on the table and delighted the product managers by showing their brand in a fresh light with new messages for consumers to get excited about.

  • Data analysis/Insights to ground direction
  • Top line competitive landscape
  • 3 strategic territories based in consumer insights
  • 3 distinct consumer-facing campaign options
  • “Ad-like imagery” as proof of concept
  • Rationale for each distinct concept
  • PR-Activation Concepts

The current space is crowded, so we dug deep into the brand’s rich history to find genuine angles that provided relevant stories that were both authentic and connected with today’s youth… the new message platform would then lead into various messages to be tested throughout the campaign life.