Mutual of Omaha

Helping millennials master the Art of Adulting.


Adulting is hard. And navigating the complexities of personal finances certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

So how do you know if you’re doing it right?


Mutual of Omaha launched a new campaign to help Millennials answer that very question with two :45s online videos developed and produced by Noble Digital. Noble Digital used our Data Matrix Appraisal to dig into data and competitors to resolve the best positioning for the campaign as well as a complete journey for two types of customers with completely different needs and life goals  which translated into new creative campaign messaging, video scripts and producing videos for MOA to campaign online.

Each video features a day-in-the-life vignette of a Millennial archetype who needs help getting their financial priorities in order. “Sarah” is a free-spirit who dreams of traveling to far-off insta-worthy destinations, but doesn’t know how to make a budget and start saving. “Dan” is an accomplished young professional who’s got life just about figured out – with the exception of maximizing the long-term savings that he should be growing.


The videos are performing well above Youtube’s unique “view rate” benchmark of 25%, which is attributed to a storytelling framework that helped optimized engagement on the videos. This level of performance also helped reduce cost of Youtube’s “average CPC benchmark” of $3.20  down to about 1/10th of that.


Noble Digital took things even deeper with our Data Matrix Appraisal analyze the media to identify additional optimizations which helped produce an additional 20x lift in ad to landing page conversions, within just 2 weeks time.

The team is creative and hard-working.

“We worked with Noble to develop a lead generation marketing campaign. They developed creative resources around a funnel flow and the theme “Adulting is Hard.” Creatives included two, TV quality videos, retargeting videos and messaging that our internal teams used to create ads and a landing page.

Several months after the campaign started, Noble reviewed our media data and recommended changes to optimize the efficacy of the campaign. These changes resulted in significant, increased ad-to-landing page conversions.

- Director of Marketing and Operations, Mutual Of Omaha (Fortune 500 Company #336)