Making Complex Tech Simple and Clear


Telesign was a B-series funded platform with nearly a staff of 300, until acquired by BICS. If you’ve ever received a text verification before, it was very likely Telesign that sent you the notification on behalf of their client.  They are a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) for large, multinational clients like Microsoft

Their complex offerings meant that ideal corporate clients were having a difficult time understanding their services quickly, resulting in sales cycles that were much longer than desired. Furthermore, most of their ideal clients had a hard time identifying the very complex and intellectual issues between their own internal teams and technology… issues that Telesign could resolve with ease.


Noble Digital rebranded and updated Telesign’s messaging with a new strategy using data.  This helped their marketing and sales team by speeding up the time for marketing qualified leads to be come SQLs and eventually clients.  We used the Data Matrix Appraisal to give us a data-informed direction and then pulled in ALL their teams to validate the key insights we came up with and to help inform our direction which inevitably would influence their marketing and sales strategy.  Basically tethering the hand-off between marketing and sales, so they could automate their process to some degree and bring some predictability into their efforts.


Noble Digital was able to help Telesign tether sales realities with business projections and marketing vision. Not only did we help Telesign streamline their brand story and identify pain points so that their marketing team could produce better inbound Sales Qualified Leads that were asking the RIGHT questions… but we also helped the sales team and marketing team open up their channels of communication and work together on stripping the jargon and build a powerful message to connect with customers. 

See our testimonial below.

“I think what Noble Digital does is awesome. I would recommend them to any company I know.  They helped us quickly get to the essence of our business goals so our entire marketing team could validate the new direction we are heading.  

No small feat.  

The result was our new CMO was able to launch a solid messaging platform to guide our new brand message which tethers into sales too… bringing our company into alignment, which has opened up communications between our large teams in ways we haven’t had before”

Laura Apel -Director of Marketing, Telesign