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Fundrise, a first-of-its-kind, direct-to-consumer real estate investment firm, needed to build their business by finding new customers. However, successfully identifying potential new customers (who had to be financially qualified and compliant with certain SEC regulations) presented a unique data science challenge that required a creative solution.


Noble used an innovative strategic approach, leveraging third-party financial data points including banking and credit card information to build a customer profile. Then, Noble produced a targeted, video-centered marketing campaign to reach and convert those customers.



Brand Awareness

Fundrise experienced a 66% lift in brand awareness (based on surveys conducted after the campaign)

Seconds Each Viewing

Days Combined Viewing

The average amount of time that Noble’s 30-second video was viewed was 25 seconds, which signals high engagement and a low bounce rate for those who did view it


Social Mentions

Total Mentions

Noble’s campaign produced significant new signups and an overall lift of 423% in social mentions

The campaign outperformed Fundrise’s paid social ads

Fundrise is now the 35th “fastest growing corporation” in America according to the Inc 5000 list.



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