Fundrise: Fintech Marketing and Advertising

Fintech Challenge

Fundrise, one of the first direct-to-consumer real estate investment platforms, needed to build their business by finding new customers, specifically accredited investors not in the fintech market, as it was still new and unknown, creating some challenges.

So with a new product in an existing market, they needed a marketing campaign that was going to rapidly increase their customer acquistion numbers before their cash-burn rate put them upside down.

Clearly, search ads were just an open road for bad, unqualified leads, at scale. This is because the Securities and Exchange commission prevented average customers from purchasing, at that time. Noble stepped in to successfully help the SEC-regulated fintech capture better qualified prospects and presented a creative solution to help market this new fintech.


The Noble team used the Data Matrix Appraisal to pinpoint the market opportunity and from there, develop an innovative strategic approach, by leveraging third-party financial data points including banking and credit card information to build a customer profile. Noble then produced a targeted, video-centered marketing campaign to reach and convert those customers. The video itself was integral as the personality and demeanor of our main character helped customers self-identify with the rich, yet casual attitude of the accredited investor.



The video campaign outperformed their google ads campaign by bringing in higher quality leads.

The average amount of time that Noble’s 30-second video was viewed was 25 seconds, which signals high engagement and a low bounce rate for those who did view it

Next Steps

Marketing a fintech company can be challenging to launch at first, but if you have the right partner, you’re going to find the success much sooner. Time can often make or break starting companies. The only question you need to focus on is, how much of the fintech market size do you need to take a bit out of?

Do you have a B2C or B2B fintech company to market? Reach out and we can share more details on Fintech marketing strategies for your goals. Our content marketing strategies are customized around your goals coupled with our data research.