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Biohm, a seed-funded startup, needed help rapidly scaling their business by developing a robust, sales-generating online marketing presence.



Noble used a strategic Data Matrix Appraisal to identify market opportunities for growth and prioritize goals. Then, Noble generated an informed, targeted set of marketing assets including branding, new packaging, an e-commerce Shopify site and high-end digital creative assets designed to excite and engage with customers to scale the business.


  • The website Noble built from scratch managed to outsell Biohm’s internal inventory several times over
  • New customer awareness of Biohm’s brand is building as advocates engage and organically share Noble’s creative messaging
  • Biohm received press from multiple prominent publications
  • Biohm is springboarding off of the success of their launch to expand into new market categories

“Although we hired Noble for their skills with video and creative, it was the founder’s understanding of analytics and integration that really impressed us. Its hard to find good talent that understands how the entire puzzle fits together, especially in today’s non-static world where everything is constantly evolving.
In Noble’s case, it didn’t seem to matter if we were talking about backend technology for the website site they built for us, digging into our analytics and consumer surveys to tease out critical insights about our audiences and competitors, or designing excellent creative assets.
Noble was able to step in and provide a holistic approach to each part of the equation. We were under a tight deadline and besides hitting all our goals flawlessly, they even inspired us to create several new products to help maximize our revenue beyond just our core offering… in a matter of weeks, not months.
Needless to say I’m impressed. We have worked with large national agencies and we found the Noble team to be extremely efficient and excellent partners.”

Afif Ghannoum

CEO, Oasis Ventures and Pathobiome



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