California Department of Social Services

CalFresh: Addressing Hesitancy and Raising Awareness


  • Calfresh has over $2 billion in federal funds. Many eligible families were either unaware, or hesitant to apply for food subsidies, despite needing the help.
  • The client faced challenges of what tone and style to take this awareness campaign, which was important to clarify quickly to ensure the success of the campaign.  Authenticity was key.


  • An awareness campaign was created to raise awareness about CalFresh and encourage eligible individuals to apply for food assistance.
  • The campaign was designed to empower individuals and communities to thrive by removing barriers and providing access to essential resources.
  • The campaign included a TV spot that highlighted the benefits of CalFresh and removed the stigma of getting help.


The implemented solutions helped raise awareness about CalFresh and encouraged more eligible individuals to apply for food assistance, providing them with access to healthy and nutritious foods.

This helped prevent families from experiencing food insecurity and financial instability, allowing them to focus on their well-being and future.

By empowering eligible families to access food subsidies, the CalFresh campaign helped improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals, providing them with a means to meet their nutritional needs and stretch their food budgets.