Brand-Response Videos perform from top of funnel to bottom

Direct marketing and branding content no longer represent an either/or proposition. In today’s marketing environment, you can have both. Your Brand strategy and marketing strategy will help -your videos clarify the brand value proposition and help drive direct response.


Traditional video marketing included short pieces advertising a product, but the rise in digital video has transformed the market. Now, your videos must educate, nurture leads, and boost conversion rates, all in one view. With advancing technologies, brand-response videos can offer that level of performance.

Brand-response videos:

  • Combine direct marketing appeals with the brand value proposition.
  • Build additional avenues of engagement.
  • Offer immediate value by improving lead generation and quality scores.

How do these videos accomplish so much? By adding interactivity to a traditional media.


In an increasingly data-driven marketing field, it pays to understand the benefits of video, also companies that use video marketing drive revenue 49 percent faster than those who don’t. Essentially, incorporating video is possibly the best way to get your conversion numbers up and improve the brand value proposition.


Explainer videos and product demos have been longtime go-to’s for marketing. While bottom of the funnel content often helps boost leads, digital videos placed across multiple channels can act as a driver to your site which seeds your bottom line.  Adding customer testimonials to your library of content might be a way to boost those numbers even further. After all, recommendations from friends and family still top the list of trusted sources for most consumers but videos still help make those sentiments sharable and easy for anyone to convey.  Making organic shares as easy as possible for your users is key for your strategy.

Facebook has confirmed several times that video is where it’s going. Internally they have been optimizing their entire advertising platform around video to prep for where the “puck” is going.



Take your video into the modern age through integration with marketing technology like overlays. A digital video can do more than just share a brand story or characterize users.  It can:

  • Collect prospect data with interactive forms.
  • Let prospects drive the sales journey by giving them control over their viewing experience.
  • Keep prospects watching longer.

In conclusion, by avoiding the “either/or” mindset, your company can build video content that generates leads and demonstrates brand value. With the right combination of storytelling and technology, every video you produce can do more, an important factor in an era where marketing budgets are feeling the squeeze.


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