Your data is only as good as what you do with it. The Data Matrix Appraisal will help you succeed.

What’s your data doing for you?
We can help you drive results.

Need to connect with a brand new audience? Struggling to re-ignite your relationship with an existing one? It all starts with Noble Digital’s Data Matrix Appraisal – a comprehensive data assessment to pinpoint opportunities and turn the right stats into the right stories for the right audiences – without the guesswork. So you can grow your business with confidence. From numbers to narrative, we combine data, strategy, analytics, and creative expertise to deliver impactful branding that drives results.

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“Noble understands how the whole picture (DATA AND CONTENT) fits together since they also do content production.”

“We were looking for a professional analysis of some of our web properties using data to tell the story of where we are winning and losing. We found Noble through a webinar and they (used the Data Matrix Appraisal and) identified major and minor gaps to help increase revenue opportunities. – They broke down our funnel flow in great detail to pinpoint how much deeper we could take things. – Noble understands how the whole picture (data and content) fits together since they also do content production. They’re super knowledgeable in both data analysis and how content marketing can drive results.”


Marketing Manager,

“The changes resulted in significant, increased ad-to-landing page conversions.”

The team is creative and hard-working. We worked with Noble to develop a lead generation marketing campaign. They developed creative resources around a funnel flow and the theme “Adulting is Hard.” Creatives included two, TV quality videos, retargeting videos and messaging.

Several months after the campaign started, Noble reviewed our media data (Data Matrix Appraisal) and recommended changes to optimize the efficacy of the campaign.
These changes resulted in significant, increased ad-to-landing page conversions.”


Colleen Marketing & Operations, Mutual Of Omaha


Google Analytics tweeted our article about why using data to inform your messaging matters—and how to do it right. Marketers often get lost in the binary-nature of data and fail to realize the true potential to inform performance. Data actually contains multiple dimensions that hold the key to success.

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