Is your data driving ROI? From numbers, to insights, to narrative— turning data into results for your brand is the modern way to grow your brand, because it’s not how much data you have that matters, it’s what you do with it… Noble Knows Data.  Move your brand into predictable revenue flow by partnering with Noble Digital Agency. Great marketing and branding all starts with Noble Digital’s Data Matrix Appraisal – a comprehensive data assessment to pinpoint opportunities and turn the right stats into the right stories for the right audiences – without the guesswork.


Google Analytics tweeted our article about why using data to inform your brand matters—and how to do it right. Marketers often get lost in the binary-nature of data and fail to realize the true potential to inform performance. Data actually contains multiple dimensions that hold the key to your brand’s success. Our Data Matrix Appraisal reveals all the layers available to leverage.


Need to reach a new audience? We do that. Looking for performance? We do that, too. Trying to build campaigns that connect on an emotional level? Consider it done. Our team digs deep to pull more out of your data and extract actionable insights. Then, we continually test and refine throughout the customer lifecycle so you can deliver results.

What Does Success Look Like?


Branding & Messaging for Large Teams


“I think what Noble Digital does is awesome. I would recommend them to any company I know. They helped us quickly get to the essence of our business goals so our entire marketing team could validate the new direction we are heading. No small feat. This resulted into launching a solid platform to guide our new brand message which tethered into our sales force too… bringing our company more into alignment and opening up communications between our large teams in ways we haven’t had before”

– Laura Apel Director of Marketing, Telesign (a division of Bics).

Scaling a Funded Startup to $100M


“Noble Digital is super-talented and helped us tell our brand story. (The founder) Allen is a true partner who weighed in on strategic decisions (brand v. response tradeoffs). Nothing was above or below him during the time we worked together at Plated.”

Nicholas Karrat SVP Marketing, Plated

Helping a $500M rev. Platform Identify Opportunities


“Noble broke down our funnel flow in great detail to pinpoint how much deeper we could take things. – Noble understands how the whole picture (DATA and CONTENT) fits together since they also do content production. They’re super knowledgeable in both data analysis and how content marketing can drive results.”

Nicole  Content Manager, HarborTouch

Helping a 9 Billion Dollar Brand


“We worked with Noble to develop a lead generation marketing campaign. They developed creative resources around a funnel flow and the theme “Adulting is Hard.” Several months after the campaign started, Noble reviewed our media data and recommended changes to optimize the efficacy of the campaign. These changes resulted in significant, increased ad-to-landing page conversions.”

Colleen Marketing & Operations, Mutual Of Omaha

Launching from Scratch to 3x Sellout


“We were under a tight deadline and besides hitting all our goals flawlessly, they even inspired us to create several new products to help maximize our revenue beyond just our core offering… in a matter of weeks, not months. Needless to say I’m impressed. We have worked with larger national agencies and we found the Noble team to be extremely efficient and excellent partners.”

Afif Ghannoum CEO, Biohm Probiotics

Producing Emotions and Standing Ovations


“I asked Noble to create something that would move my business scaleup audiences to tears and joy – and drive standing ovations- well they did it! These guys are a geniuses.”

Verne Harnish Owner, Gazelles Inc.

25-Point Checklist


Avoid the pitfalls that 80% of brands make in digital marketing.

Our easy-to-use checklist tells you the steps we took to help new brands get to $100M in 18 months. It’s the exact same list we use to appraise the effectiveness of every content marketing campaign that has reached the $100M mark.

• Discover the key factors to success in efficient marketing
• Learn what to focus on so that you can reach your goals in less time
Stop wasting time on unnecessary tactics and scale faster

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According to Gartner “76% of marketing leaders say they use data and analytics to drive key decisions” We have the solution to that. For the first time in history, brands of any size can reach their entire market without needing the massive budgets or manpower of a Fortune 500. The playing field has never been more even. 

This is exciting news for brands hungry to take a piece of the market share pie. I created Noble Digital in order to help growing companies and business units maximize their creative impact in the digital space and surpass their business goals. Noble excels in this age of storytelling because we believe data should inform narrative considerations, not just tactical ones.

Facebook and Google data have both confirmed that a majority (80%) of your marketing success has to do with your brand and story, not tech and tools.

Even before Facebook and Google confirmed this, my decade-plus experience with storytelling, through film content and commercial advertising, has taught me that while analytics can gauge your marketing performance, it’s the creative execution that will drive your actual brand growth. Think about it: when was the last time a search ad made you cry? Probably never. But I’ll bet you can think of a video that moved you to tears, or made you laugh so hard you had to share it with a friend. That’s the power of good storytelling. Informing creativity and emotions through data is the secret ingredient that makes it all work… and that’s what we do best.

-Allen Martinez, Founder Noble Digital


Our Growth Pyramid model is like a roadmap that guides your brand along the way to customer acquisition. Step-by-step, it will show you what to pay attention to, what questions to ask yourself, and outline the building blocks for hitting your goals. 

But to be crystal clear, if you want your strategy to materialize, our Data Matrix Appraisal® will mine deep into the multidimensional facets of data to uncover those hidden insight gems, then use those valuable findings to make your brand’s message truly shine. 

Since no two brands have the same strengths and weaknesses, the whole process is customized to your business’s unique needs. If you’re ready to finally harness your data effectively and use it to hit your goals, we’re ready to help you get there. Let’s talk. 


What makes our process successful for both VC-funded brands and Fortune 500 companies? How do we know we can create a customized plan for any business, big or small? The difference is data-driven storytelling around your brand

Harvesting smarter insights allows us to work across any industry because emotions are not specific to verticals… they travel horizontally, across all types of people… H2H.  Human to Human.. From SEC-regulated companies, to health services, and even SaaS platforms, we translate hard numbers into meaningful, compelling, emotional narratives that connect with people – and drive real results for your brand.

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