Realize 4x the growth without 4x the time 

Using data-driven marketing and customer-centric storytelling to build your unforgettable brand


We know that one size does not fit all. Our strength is helping scale-ups dig deep into their marketing so they can achieve 4x the growth without 4x the stress.

At Noble we are a growth-obsessed, data-loving, storytelling digital marketing agency. Successful modern digital marketing is crucial to growing a business but with shrinking attention spans and increasing competition for your audience’s attention it can be difficult to grow your customer acquisition.

We built Noble Digital to help CEO’s and Marketing Directors of scale-ups to cut through the noise and capture the audience with smart marketing campaigns and targeted creative content that previously only the largest global corporations had access to. Our passion is to drive growth and deliver results.

Your Digital Brand. What Does Success Look Like?


Branding & Messaging for Large Teams

“I think what Noble Digital does is awesome. I would recommend them to any company I know. They helped us quickly get to the essence of our business goals so our entire marketing team could validate the new direction we are heading. No small feat. The result was our new CMO was able to launch a solid messaging platform to guide our new brand message which tethers into our sales force too… bringing our company into alignment, which has also opened up communications between our large teams in ways we haven’t had before”

– Laura Apel Content Director, Telesign (a division of Bics)

Scaling a Funded Startup to $100M

“Allen is a super-talented Creative-Director who helped us tell our brand story. He’s a true partner who weighed in on strategic decisions (brand v. response tradeoffs). Nothing was above or below him during the time we worked together at Plated.”

Nicholas Karrat SVP Marketing, Plated

Launching from Scratch to 3x Sellout

“We were under a tight deadline and besides hitting all our goals flawlessly, they even inspired us to create several new products to help maximize our revenue beyond just our core offering… in a matter of weeks, not months. Needless to say I’m impressed. We have worked with larger national agencies and we found the Noble team to be extremely efficient and excellent partners.”

Afif Ghannoum CEO, Biohm Probiotics

Producing Emotions and Standing Ovations

“I asked Noble to create something that would move my business scaleup audiences to tears and joy – and drive standing ovations- well he did it! These guys are a geniuses.”

Verne Harnish Owner, Gazelles Inc.

Startup Strategy & Alignment = Clarity

“Noble Digital’s branding and strategy sessions enabled our team to better prioritize the company’s goals, identify our key client profiles and better prepare for our website re-design. Our team gained actionable insights on our top customer profiles, which has lead to a complete reprioritization of our sales strategy! Noble Digital understands the startup space, provides an indispensable service and are experts at uncovering areas where you need to get your game on point.”

Ryan Garman CEO,

25 Point Checklist to Help Increase Your Leads in Less Time

Discover Why 80% of Scale-ups Fail at Content Marketing Before They Even Begin.
In this easy-to-use checklist, I give you the exact 25 keys that I’ve used to help scale-ups get to $100M in 18 months. You will get the exact checklist I use to audit the effectiveness of every content marketing campaign that has reached $100M.

• Discover the key factors to success in efficient content marketing
• Learn what to focus on so that you can reach your goals in less time
• Stop doing unnecessary tactics and scale faster

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Why Did Noble Come To Be?

For the first time in history, brands of any size or shape can reach their entire addressable market and scale their business quickly using rich media and tech without needing to have the same cash flow or man power of a Fortune 500.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This is the most exciting development in advertising/marketing that we have ever had.  I created Noble Digital in order to help growing companies maximize their creative impact in the digital space and reach their business goals. Noble excels perfectly in this age of storytelling because we believe optimization and reach should come from strategic, narrative consideration not just tactical ones.

Facebook and Google data have both confirmed that a majority (80%) of your marketing success has to do with your brand and story, not tech and tools.

My decades of experience with film storytelling and commercial advertising has taught me that while analytics only gauges your marketing performance it is the creative that will drive your brand growth. (but its nice to finally have the data that proves that!)  Afterall, who wants a proficientcompetent” marketing strategy when you can have one that “outperforms” in the marketplace by being top of mind.

-Allen Martinez, Founder Noble Digital


The Noble Growth Pyramid provides a clear road map to help determine which parts of your marketing is healthy and which parts need support.
Since no single company has the same strengths and weaknesses, our pyramid process is customized to learn your business quickly so that we spend less time in analysis and more time strategizing and implementing to help you get in front of your audience quickly.

If you’re ready to build a foundation to launch your brand, start a conversation with us today.

Creative teams don’t work in “verticals” but rather horizontals

This is because story and narrative is a universal element around all brands and their product-market fit.  This allows us to work across regulated industries like SEC-regulated industries, health services, SaaS platforms, complex intellectual offerings or classic consumer products and services.  We’ve seen and done it all.  B2C or B2B.   Our clients range from seed-funded, series-funded startups and on up to growing SMEs, acquired startups as well as Fortune 50s.  How is this possible? Because they all start with a story.  Whats your story?

Want to understand our strategy?

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